My Battlefield,
Your Office

Every year, millions of managers and supervisors get promoted into management positions without learning how to successfully lead a team.Everything You Wanted to Know About analytical essay and Were Afraid To Ask. As a result, many of them find themselves at the top of the corporate ladder while lacking the requisite training to lead.

Aimed at helping first-line supervisors and mid-level manager overcome leadership challenges, “My Battlefield, Your Office” is a senior-management must read.

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Retired Marine & combat veteran Lieutenant Colonel Justin Constantine joins Chris Leary with leadership advice as well as insight into his new book, "My Battlefield, Your Office."


Justin Constantine’s background in the Marine Corps and his personal experience essay help And Love Have 4 Things In Common as a leader in the private and nonprofit sectors have prepared him to assist the rest of us who lead people on a daily basis.  I have seen Justin’s strong influence in the veteran community, and as he says, taking care of your people has to be your number one priority.  I couldn’t agree more.  For anyone who wants to become To Deal With(A) Very Bad buy assignment a more thoughtful and effective leader – I urge you to read and explore the many lessons contained in Justin’s excellent book, “My Battlefield, Your Office.”

Elizabeth Dole
former U.S. Senator, Secretary of Transportation and Secretary of Labor

I have known Justin for the better part of a decade, and we both share significant injuries from our time in Iraq.  Justin exemplifies that we hope for all of our wounded warriors: perseverance, grit and success.  As a leader in the veteran community,5 Brilliant Ways To Use paper writer it is only natural that his leadership lessons are so clear and well-stated.  We can all learn from Justin, and certainly any manager or supervisor will benefit from this impactful book.
Bob Woodruff
ABC television journalist; co-founder of the Bob Woodruff Foundation

America holds our veteran in incredibly high measure, and Justin is a perfect example of why we do so.  After leading teams with the Marine Corps, the US World Class Tools Make term paper writing service Push Button Easy Chamber of Commerce, and in the nonprofit sector, Justin generously shares with us what it takes to successfully lead people. My Battlefield, Your Office is a must-read book for any manager or supervisor.

Leo Thorsness
Medal of Honor recipient; Colonel, US Air Force; 6-year Prisoner of War

Justin inspires me – not by the magnitude of his injuries sustained in Iraq, but by the depth of his passion to use that experience to motivate essay writer online himself and others.  A superb leader and valued mentor, his message offers all of us valuable lessons in leadership, tenacity, and living a life of purpose.

General Peter Pace
USMC (Retired), 16th Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff


Taking care of your people has to be your number one priority.

Most people are not “born leaders”, and with the right focus and dedication you can be a big part of your organization’s success.

Start building your vision for you and your team.

Lead from the front: lead, trust, support motivate.


Justin Constantine shares lessons on how to survive and succeed after serving.


How to provide the proper mentorship,Argumentative college essay writing service utilize logic, facts, and reasoning to decide on the victor. encouragement and support for your employees to help them realize their full potential.

Leading people is a skill that you can learn, and in fact most people are not “born leaders”.

Although your organization and industry may be changing, this is an opportunity, not a liability.

Taking the right steps to develop a strategic vision for your team is critical to ensure everyone is pulling in the same direction.


New Leaders

If you were recently promoted, you have much to learn about leading your most valuable asset.

Senior Leaders

Although you may already have some great leadership skill, you can still learn more based on Justin’s military experience,

Highly Engaged Employees

If you are a hard worker, dedicated to the success of others around you and ready to move up the corporate ladder, make sure you are already prepared before that next promotion.

Transitioning Military Members

If you are in the process of leaving the military and not sure how to capitalize on your leadership experience in the private sector, this book is for you.


The book includes 15 impactful and easy-to-read chapters. Each section focuses on specific leadership skills and leaves the reader with key takeaways by laying out important guiding principles.




Justin Constantine is a former Marine and attorney and is now an inspirational speaker and leadership consultant. He advises the corporate community on military issues and sustaining employee peak performance. He survived a gunshot wound to the head while serving in Iraq. For his service in Iraq, he earned the Purple Heart, Combat Action Ribbon and Navy-Marine Corps Commendation Medal.

Justin retired from the Marine Corps with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. He is also a senior advisor at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation, where he leads a team focused on employment opportunities for wounded veterans and their caregivers. He also co-founded the Veteran Success Resource Group in 2015, a military nonprofit that provides full spectrum resources for veterans and their families to connect with community businesses, veteran service organizations, government agencies and universities.


Justin spoke at our annual leadership conference to approximately 2,000 of our managers and supervisors.  Had this book been published then, we would have bought one for everyone there.  My Battlefield, Your Office captures Justin’s real world experience in way that is educational and a pleasure to read.

Chuck Rubin
CEO, Michaels

We all benefit when great ideas are shared.  Each chapter of My Battlefield, Your Office is powerful in its own way, and Justin provides us with insightful, thoughtful and useful lessons to make us better.  Any management team will certainly benefit from reading this book and implementing its lessons and guidance.

Bethany Coates
Assistant Dean, Global Innovation Programs, Stanford Graduate School of Business

Justin deserves our thanks for his service to our country and for providing his leadership lessons from the front lines. My Battlefield, Your Office is a great resource to help managers become leaders. Justin’s personal account of his own triumph over tragedy is an absorbing and inspiring story that enhances his key leadership takeaways, making this a ‘must read’ book.

William M. Klepper, PhD
Management Professor and Academic Director, Executive Education
Columbia Business School

My Battlefield, Your Office is an inspiring true story full of courage, commitment and motivation to achieve your best even under the most difficult circumstances. Justin’s advice from real life experiences is invaluable to anyone in a leadership position or aspiring to be a leader.  If you are looking for inspiration and motivation with down to earth lessons on leadership, then this is the book for you!

Bob Nardelli
Founder and CEO of XLR-8 and former Chairman and CEO of Chrysler and Home Depot 


The book includes 15 impactful and easy-to-read chapters. Each section focuses on specific leadership skills and leaves the reader with key takeaways by laying out important guiding principles.
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